How can I protect my data

03-17-2020 10:54 AM
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We create a web survey that more than 80,000 people will answer it via web. We know that if we want that people answer this, we need to put it public. so, web form and feature service will be public and web map will be share with organization. 

this survey has several sensitive questions and we want to protect it...

My question is, how can we protect the feature service, how can we hide it? how can we hide the sensitive information?

we are thinking in  download everyday the data and delete it from feature service.


Diego Llamas 

James Tedrick

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Hey Diego Llamas‌,

Have you seen this blog post: 

Its a bit old but should still be relevant to your situation.



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On the concern about submittal, make sure the fieldworker view (or feature service, if the fieldworker view is not present) has been set to not allow users to see records, even those they created and that the privileges of the anonymous user to 'only add new features'.  Refer to Manage hosted feature layers—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation  for additional guidance.

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