How can I add a repeat to my published Survey123

06-20-2022 06:34 PM
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Is there a way to add a repeat to my published survey without building a new one and appending the data?

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Looking forward to the answers on this one, but I doubt there's a way without appending.

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Unfortunately not. When you add a repeat to your survey, Connect will not be able to simply add the related table to your existing survey layer. Instead, it creates a new layer. Some options that come to mind:

Option 1:

  • Export your existing records into a File Geodatabase
  • Add the new repeat and publish (this will re-create your layer and empty it)
  • Append to your new layer the data you exported
  • Keeps your survey item id intact.

Option 2:

  • Do a save-as of your original survey
  • Publish
  • Append data from the original survey into the second
  • Creates a new survey item id

Option 3:

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Thank you for these suggestions @IsmaelChivite 

Option 1 - I've never considered overriding the service on purpose (to keep the id intact).

I will try these next week. : )


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@IsmaelChivite Does Option 3 mean that the data does not get deleted?

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Technical Support has a detailed step-by-step article for this situation. I've followed it twice. 

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