Hide repeat label and minimize spacing?

01-29-2021 02:02 PM
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I am trying to hide the label of a repeat section to save space on my form and eliminate header redundancy. I have accomplished this by using an empty html tag <b></b> in this case. The problem is that still creates a large blank space where that label would otherwise be printed. Is there anyway to collapse this "whitespace"?


  • Header spacing.png: Red box in attached screenshot of the space I'd like to eliminate
  • no_header.png: What it should look like
  • header_xls.png: XLSForm screenshot for this element. 


The issue I have is that a lot of my form users are intuitively pressing the arrow button to bring them to the next page instead of the + button to add another repeat element. This is causing confusion that I believe could be alleviated by eliminating this whitespace to ensure the form fits 100% on one screen to make the + button visible without scrolling. 


Thank you in advance!


Survey123 Connect App v3.11, Template Version 3.11, Sept 22, 2020

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There was talk of adding a way to do this but I have not seen it come out yet.  

You could try an HTML space instead of a new line.  (remove spaces)  & n b s p ;

Hope that helps


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Thank you for the suggestion Doug! 

Unfortunately using non-breakable space does not change the behavior in this instance. 

I would be very interested in more complete methods for controlling element spacing. I understand if this is outside the use-case intention for Survey123





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I would also be interested in this functionality!

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