Hidden fields with edit and re-send webhook

07-29-2019 05:20 PM
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James Tedrick‌,

In an Integromat workflow, after a survey is submitted for the first time, I use a webhook and HTTP to hit the updateFeatures endpoint to update the values of two fields that are hidden from the survey.

I'm finding that when I edit and re-send the survey, that the values of the two hidden fields I had previously updated aren't being persisted with the re-send webhook, but it seems that the field default values are, probably because that's how the Form has it stored.

For now, my way around this is to use Inbox criteria based on the value of the hidden fields to re-open and submit surveys, rather than the Sent folder.

In the sent folder, are the objectid and globalId values stored? Perhaps a refresh option in the Sent folder could help prevent values from being replaced by default form values.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Mitchell,

Just to confirm, you are using the field application in this workflow?  You also have enabled the edit event for the webhook and have redownloaded the form since?

As it happens, we're in the process of understanding the behavior of the webhook when being used in an editing event.  This is a bit more complicated than the add data event as we may not have full information of the feature being edited (for example, fields or related records may be missing in an editing form).  Could you describe what the ideal case for your workflow using editing + webhooks is?

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