Deselecting geocoder in survey123 webdesigner?

08-06-2019 02:28 AM
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Hi GeoNet

When you design a Survey123 with the webdesigner I cannot seem to find where I can select which geocoder to use for the "GeoPoint" question. It simply ignores it when I select one of the geocoders on the list. This is an issue since I want to use the Survey publicly, and when users try to answer the GeoPoint question they get directed away from the Survey because they do not have access to the other geocoders within the survey (they are only shared with the organisation). 

Anyone know how to select only a specific geocoder when designing the GeoPoint question in the Survey123 webdesigner?



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Hi Niklas,

The behavior that you are encountering has been raised as an issue in our internal repository and we are currently investigating the cause.  The list of available locators is controlled within the 'Geocoding' section of the 'Utility Services' tab when accessing the Settings of your ArcGIS Online Organization. The settings should honor what has been set for each individual locator (not shared with public unless specified for the individual locator).  More info here..Configure utility services—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

As these settings are not currently being honored in the Survey123 web app, and it is leading to a refresh within any survey that contains an unshared locator, we will continue investigating and update you when we have more information.