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Hatch pattern in custom palettes for image annotation

08-22-2023 02:29 AM
New Contributor

Dear all,


Please may I know if it's possible to add the hatch pattern Custom palettes for image annotation in Survey123?

if not, please may I know if it's possible to use Puyton or script to add it, or if there is a plan to add this feature in the next releases? 


please find below picture includes some of the hatch pattern that I'm looking to add them to the custom palettes



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @TariqAlhammadi,

The custom palette only supports setting a color as the fill symbol. The reference tab of the custom palette (attached) shows the supported fill symbols. 

Support for pattern fill symbols isn't currently a planned enhancement, but you may want to submit the idea in ArcGIS Ideas so interest in the feature can be tracked. 

Thank you,

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