Group Managers deleting records in Survey123

03-02-2022 10:59 AM
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I'm a GIS Specialist for a government agency and I'm the 'Owner' of our ArcGIS Online Group.  Within our group I have designated  our engineering and environmental staff as 'Group Managers' and the remaining staff are just 'Members'.  I designated our engineering staff as 'Group Mangers' because according to Esri "Managers can invite users to the group, process membership requests, remove content and members, and edit group properties."  However, the staff that I have designated 'Group Managers' still cannot remove reports in the Survey123 through the desktop browser (using Google Chrome) once they have been submitted by 'Members' in the field and ran as Word docs.  When they try to delete a record they are blocked with the message "You cannot edit this record because it's submitted by another user."  My goal was to turn over the day to day data management properties of certain reports over to the staff I had designated 'Group Managers'.  Is there any way in Survey123 that members of an ArcGIS Online group designated 'Group Managers' can deleted records in Survey123 through the browser that they did not submit personally?  

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