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Get notified when a new survey is completed

05-10-2021 12:40 PM
New Contributor III

I am wanting to set up an email notification for when a new survey is submitted.

For example: Bob just completed a survey

Susan who created the survey gets an email saying there is a new survey result from Bob.

Any help is appreciated! I should note I am using regular subscription to ArcGIS Online, not an enterprise account.

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Esri Community Manager

Hi @edward33  Try this resource, I use Webhooks to get notifications from my survey submissions: Webhooks&ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation


Michelle Mathias
Manager, Community Experience & Programs
by Anonymous User
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Is there a way to perform this task without using Integromat or Microsoft Power Automate? Strictly using python or javascript?? I have used Integromat's free version in the past and quickly ran out of scenarios that were allowed to run simultaneously. 

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New Contributor

Instead of providing a simple and as a 40 year software veteran I can say easy email solution, we have the need to build one-off service consumer interfaces. They should simply provide a means to supply several email addresses that will receive notification when a survey is submitted. My organization doesn't like hanging one-off solutions so we are forced to purchase power automate premium for this one purpose.

Also the community forum is quite the concept. If only we had known 100 years ago that enterprises would be able to offload successfully the work of support and documentation that would otherwise be done by paid employees, instead to paying patrons. Unreal. 

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