Get middle point of geotrace for reverse geocode

08-02-2021 09:37 AM
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We're working on a survey using geotraces to solicit feedback from the community -- and thought it might be helpful to capture a nearby address for reference.

Is there a way to get a geopoint off a geotrace?  Maybe the centroid or start / end point -- seems like i need a geopoint to pass to the pulldata call for reverse geocoding -- wasn't quite sure the best way to approach it.

Thanks for any help or direction you can offer!


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Hi Jessneuner,

We do currently have an internal issue in our backlog to support the pulldata for geotrace and geoshape. Could you contact our Esri Support to log an enhancement request for this? That way you can tract the issue status for the future implementation.

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Hi Shwu-jingJeng,

 has this enhancement been implemented? I'd be interested in a similar deployment for reverse geocoding the start/end of a geotrace



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