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Grid styles break 'relevant' visual controls

06-27-2023 10:00 AM
Occasional Contributor

I am experimenting with grid styles to try and reduce scrolling in my forms. I have found that when I set either the 'fixed-grid' or 'dynamic-grid' styles in the Settings form, questions that are supposed to conditionally appear based on previous responses simply don't. Along with this, in-form references to previously-collected values, such as a customer name, also stop working. I have confirmed that these features work as intended when I simply return the form style to just 'pages'. It doesn't seem possible to go group by group through my form to set up each group's grid appearance using the body::esri:style column, as there apparently is no meaningful control with the 'w' parameter using that approach. Similarly, attempting to define a group's appearance as a certain number of columns, to be partitioned with various 'w#' settings in each subsequent question yields the same frustrating experience.

I'd really love to use grid styles, as the whole concept behind them seems to be geared toward improving the user experience with increased visibility control. But what is the point if using grid styles renders "the art of hiding things" useless? 

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