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Survey123 Connect: Publishing ERROR 400 "CREATE TABLE failed because column in table..."

06-27-2023 09:37 AM
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HELP! Receiving an error code 400 when trying to publish a new survey. Nothing is wrong or off with the xlsx form, I am unsure why I keep getting this error.




Link to form: 



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The code 400 error indicates duplicate question names, but you have no dups.  Have you gone through the steps here? It talks about folders in AGOL that may need to be cleaned up (be careful following these steps if your survey already has data!) Error: Publishing Failed to Complete. Unable to Add Feature Service Definition. Error Code (

The error is chopped off, can you show the whole error?  Can you turn on logging, then publish and check the log?

Some things I noticed:

1. The "img_recyclables " value in the 'Name' column has a space at the end of the name.
2. You don't explicitly state the field types, widths, and field alias names in the bind::esri:fieldType, bind::esri:fieldLength, and bind::esri:fieldAlias columns. I recommend that folks think about their resulting data schema as Survey123 will often default to 255 character wide text fields. Filling in these columns will give you control over what field types are created instead of falling back on the Survey123 defaults. 

If the link above has not helped you to identify the issue:

What is the current data type of the b1_other_hzw field in the hosted feature layer?  If the existing field is not a esriFieldTypeDouble, then we would see an error. 
Is the schema locked on the layer (via a view created with join features for example)?

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"CREATE TABLE failed because column 'b1_other_hzw' in table 'service_74a25bc7a6394b1bbe9e0fc8a11a6250_SAMANA_WACS' exceeds the maximum of 1024 columns."

Here is a link to the log: Log 


I don't understand how I have exceeded the amount- I have published surveys with much more fields and never had this problem.


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