Geopoint Repeat With a Conditional Question

01-05-2021 05:01 PM
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Hello All.

I am developing a simple survey that I would like to allow users to place multiple points on a map if they would like to have that option. In order to allow for multiple points to be added I want to have a conditional question that would ask users if they would like to add another point to the map.

So far, the survey looks like this:


restoration (seven choices)

restorationlocation (geopoint)


some kind of conditional statement for repeat here.....

For the repeat, I would like the affiliation to stay constant and only have restoration, restorationlocation, and restorationnotes be repeated.

Another question that I have, especially with the conditional question, is how many times can the three questions be repeated (i.e., if some people decide to do only one additional and maybe others decide to do five or more)?

Please let me know if all this makes sense and thank you for your time.


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Hello @GarrettRSmith

One consideration to keep in mind is how repeats are stored when the survey is published. When you publish a survey that includes repeats, each repeat will be created as a related table in your feature layer, or a related layer if your repeat contains a geopoint, geotrace, or geoshape question.
So when designing your form just keep that in mind as it will impact the schema of the service that is created in your Organization. 

To answer your last question, to my knowledge there is not a limit for the amount of repeats that can be submitted. If you have a repeat and a field worker needs to submit 20+ additional locations they can submit however many they need. 

If you are looking to limit the number of repeats that can be submitted you can specify a repeat_count in the XLSForm as that will limit the max number of repeats that can be submitted. 

As for designing the schema that is up to you one option would be to keep it the way you have it, add a yes_no select_one question that asks if the field worker would like to add more locations and if 'yes' is selected the repeat can be relevant based on selecting 'yes' and display the restoration, restorationlocation, and restorationnotes questions within the repeat. 

One note about that workflow is you would then have a layer related to a layer where the first layer would contain the single repeat question, and the second layer would then contain all the additional repeated geopoints in their own records. 


Another option would be to only have the restoration, restorationlocation, and restorationnotes questions in a repeat. What you could do is create a geopoint outside of the repeat, make it hidden, and set the bind::esri:fieldType to null. When you publish this survey only the repeat questions are in a layer and the questions outside of the repeat are in a table. I have attached a sample XLSForm with this setup. 

Here are a few other Esri Community posts that may also help:


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