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Geopoint - Default and Map Button visibility

09-18-2023 03:40 AM
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Hi All

I'm trying to find a solution for capturing location details based on our requirement..

Our Approach is

- Some Times , User will taken current location , So , I want to show him only Current location button to capture current locations.

- Some Times , User will need to take another location where h is going to travel , That location he will taken it from Map , by searching..

My question is to show only Location and Map buttons on separate cases ..

Is there any way to show only one and hide other and vice versa



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It may only be 'press to locate' or 'both'.

By setting the geopoint question's appearance column to press-to-locate, Survey123 will only capture a point when the user interacts with the question.


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Thank You for the Response..

I have attached the form..

I have already considered Press to Locate..

The reason i want to include is that

My team member will press to locate always and thats not my requirement..

I want to force to use this accordingly as designed for the case

Case 1:This survey is about tracking and Health and Safety

If they are going to start their Journey to start the Survey, They will capture current location in one field and another field they shouldn't click press to locate , they should choose map and point to that..

If i show both they will use press to locate only..

I have attached my form..

Kindly , Guide for a workaround to do this

Thank You

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