Geo Point Related Queries using Existing Feature Service for editing-Survey123

10-27-2020 11:23 AM
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James Tedrick‌; Ismael Chivite‌; Survey123 Survey

Thanks for this blog -->


We followed this workflow exactly for one of our requirement as briefed below.


  1. We have set of Parcels in our project area to do some assessment at each parcel. For this, we have an existing Point feature class (Parcel Centroid as Point) with standalone table and then created a feature service. Based on Feature Service, created a XLS Form and published with Inbox enabled to update existing parcels data based on Field Survey Assessment.


  1. We have realized at some point of time that existing Points are not showing in Survey123 App through INBOX mode and even the points are not visible in feature class. But, it is fully qualified Point feature class-> connected with Feature Service -> Connected to XLS form. Not sure, which process/configuration has influenced to hide existing point. In order to collect the point, enabled required option (Required=Yes) to get the current location mandatorily. 


  1. Now, the Parcel Assessment is currently in progress and Points are visible for those parcel's assessment is completed.  While doing QA/QC process,  there are rejection of parcels  because of incorrect locations. Hence, we are trying to reinject those parcels alone in separate form based on the QC Status - "Rejected" through INBOX mode.

In this step, the wrong points collected through Parcel Assessment is visible and unable to make this Geo Point question as mandatory to Re-Survey once again in place of Wrong point even if we make "Required=Yes"


Q1. Need to understand, why/how those parcels centroid points are not visible at the initial stage while accessing existing data in Survey123 through INBOX mode?

Q2. How to make this Geo Point question as mandatory to Re-Survey once again for the rejected parcel points?


Attached both the forms for reference.


I'd be very appreciate of any insights you have.

Thanks for your support.




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Hi Sanjeevi,

1) With respect to the points not showing up on the map - I would need to see what is occurring and probably need to have more details of how this is set up to be able to answer.  This might be best raised as a support case with Esri Support.

2) Again, this might require more details on your particular data setup to answer fully.  That being said, I can think of a few different methods to force the point to be updated to a new location:

- Store the X & Y of the original point in fields that the form loads and have a constraint check to see if the new point location is the same as those values

- Use a custom JS function to check to see if the point is in a polygon (or that the polygon has the same account number as is on the form)

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Thanks James for your quick response and would try on the options shared.



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