Capturing horiz acc from Bad Elf external gnss receiver

08-19-2020 10:02 AM
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I am using a Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor external gps connected to an iPad via bluetooth.  I use pulldata in my survey to capture the lat/long and horizontal accuracy values from the gps into hidden fields as metadata for my geopoints.  When I bring up the GNSS Location Status screen in Survey 123 (see pic below), I see the all the fields continually updating as data is received from the GPS, EXCEPT horizontal accuracy.  That value appears to be getting grabbed from the GPS when it first makes the bluetooth connection, and then does it not update.  So when I go to collect my geopoints in the survey, the value I capture for horiz acc is the same regardless of what the Bad Elf device is actually seeing.  I also have an Arrow 100 GNSS gps, and that works fine with Suvey 123, capturing the live horiz acc value from the gps when the point is collected.

If anyone else has a Bad Elf Surveyor, have you encountered this issue?  Thanks. 

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Hi Michael Stroh

this looks like a specific issue only reproducible with Bad Elf Surveyor. It has been reported to Esri Technical Support:

BUG-000131344 The horizontal and vertical accuracies do not update in the ArcGIS Survey123 field app when connected via bluetooth with a Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor on an iOS device.

You can subscribe to BUG-000131344: The horizontal and vertical accuracies do not update.. to get notifications on the status of this issue (currently planned for version 3.11)

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Ismael Chivite - I'm having the exact same issue and its still occurring in 3.11. Did this not make it into that update? Will this be in the 3.12 update? Thanks!

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Hi Justin,

The fix for this issue needed to be made at the AppFramework level which unfortunately wasn't released in time for the Survey123 3.11 release. It will definitely make it into the 3.12 update (which will be built using AppFramework 4.4). We're planning to make a 3.12 beta build available for testing via the Early Adopter website that will include this fix within the next week.

Apologies for the delay,


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Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply and update Brett Stokes!

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