Generating and Clearing Features (Points) in Two Surveys For Work Assignments

04-13-2022 05:17 PM
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Hello All.

I am working on a project monitoring dispersed campsites. Some of the sites will require actions to be taken by volunteers and/or public land management agencies to mitigate some of the impacts found at the sites. I am trying to work out the most efficient way to create and then clear these sites (points) on an online map that will be shared with agency and volunteer partners to direct their work teams throughout the summer. In talking with both groups that are looking for a solution that will not require them to clear the points on the actual map. Instead they are wanting the points to be cleared by the survey.

We have been working with two surveys, one for recording campsite condition and one for recording actions taken at that sites, that are linked via the GlobalID of the feature. Within the campsite condition survey there are questions that asks respondents if agency or volunteer actions are needed.

I think that I can create a hosted feature layer if the action question is answered in the affirmative to display on the map that will show where the sites are that need actions to be taken. Is there a way to put a question in the action survey that could be used to remove points as actions are taken at them? I was thinking about putting a hidden "Action Taken" question in the site condition survey that would be a yes/no question set to no by default. If I replicate that in the action survey I am not sure how that would interact and/or change the point on the offline map. 

I think that this might be pretty common in urban planning workflows?

If anyone has any good ideas on how to accomplish this, please let me know. Alternatively, if I am not explaining this fully above I have outlined my thoughts below:

  1. Use question on the "condition" survey to create a hosted feature layer based on the answer to populate an online map with the feature if the question is answered in the affirmative.
  2. Have a question on the "action" survey that will clear the point if it is answered in the affirmative. 

Thanks for any help.

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You could create a status field and then set the status in the survey.  Your map could then be symbolized on the status field, with certain statuses not symbolized (to clear them from the map).  Using a status field, you have more possible answers than just yes/no.  By just not symbolizing them, you are not deleting the feature, so you have it in your archive, yet it is no longer visible. 

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I think one critical aspect here is to have two separate surveys working against a single layer, as opposed to two separate layers linked through the globalID.

The first survey is used to report things to fix. Data is stored in the master layer.

The second survey, uses the Inbox to retrieve from the master layer any record where status='action required'. Records from the Inbox can be opened from a list or map, even when offline. When records are submitted from this second survey, the status field will be changed to 'done', for example.

A web map can be used to show progress, symbolizing/hiding records based on the status field as @BryndaHatch suggested.

As @GarrettRSmith anticipated, this is a common workflow and it is not too difficult to implement. If it sounds intimidating to you I will be happy to show over a screen sharing session. Feel free to direct message me so we can connect.

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Thank you @IsmaelChivite and @BryndaHatch for the recommendations. I have been in the process of moving so I am sorry for the delayed response. I will take a look at it this week as I get settled. 

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