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01-14-2020 11:29 AM
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I have made several surveys in the web engine, and have shifted towards connect. Is connect able to accommodate forms like pdf's and word docs? 

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Hi, Jody!

Is this documented anywhere on the ESRI help docs or site? My XLSForm doesn't have that column. I'm sure I can add it but I'm curious how I would have ever gotten that as an option if you hadn't saved me and responded with that.


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Hi Derek,

Glad to hear that it works for you! This column is not documented yet since File Upload question type is not officially supported in Survey123 Connect and Field App yet (but it will soon be supported, you can join the Early Adoper Community of Survey123 to enroll beta functions). Currently, if you author your survey in the web designer with File Upload question, the specified MIME types would be explicitly added. 



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Hey Jody, 

Thanks so much for your suggestions, they are very helpful. I've added the extra column to my excel spreasheet within S123 Connect called "body::accept" and I can now upload PDF/Word/Excel files.  I'm working on an survey that is published from Connect that needs to support PDF/Word/Excel/text and jpeg/png files. I'm now finding that when I put in your suggestion of:


I can no longer upload the image (jpeg/png) file types. Is there a way to allow for both?

Can the standard MIME types be called for using S123 Connect?


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