Multiple 'OR' Conditions in the Relevant Column

06-24-2020 03:32 PM
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How can I use multiple conditions in the relevant column.

I am trying to make a list that is only visible after all the other questions have been answered.

I have tried something like 

string-length(${staff_act1_list}) OR string-length(${staff_act2_list}) OR string-length(${staff_act3_list})

Only having one constraint works, eg string-length(${staff_act1_list})

I would appreciate any guidance



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Esri Contributor

Hi Colin,

The string-length returns the number of chacters from the previous question.

We'd want to include a comparison to only show the 2nd question if the string length is greater than 0.

i.e. string-length(${staff_act1_list}) > 0

or we could approach it from a null value entry e.g.

${PreviousQuestion} !='' OR ${PreviousQuestion2} !='' 



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Thanks Chris

But I am not sure this would work.

To elaborate, I have 4 select one lists that need to be completed before I display the next series of questions,

I am not sure if I need to change my design / methodology to incorporate this



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by Anonymous User
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seems you could not display question #2 until #1 is done,(or answered)

not show question #3 til #2 is done

same kind of not-null requirement for each ? like

${Q1} != ''

the other is several 'and' statements

Q1 not null AND Q2 not null AND,,,, have not tried this

Best Wishes


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