Creating a Related Table Image Hyperlink in a Web App Pop-up

04-01-2020 09:32 AM
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When adding images to existing surveys from the users inbox is there a way to create an image link in the Web App features pop-up like Ismael did in this Blog Post for editing? 

Adding images through repeat stores them in a related table and it would be nice to have an easier way to view them in the Web App. Adding a clickable link with a name that makes sense so the user knows what link to click depending on what image they want to see.

If this isn't possible does anybody have a way of getting the images direct link from the related table or a more user friendly way of viewing the pictures?

Thanks, Kris

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Hi Kris,

I might suggest looking at ; combined with the FeatureSet Arcade functionality , it may be possible to generate the URLs for related record attachments.

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Hi James,

Is there an idea posted on Geonet for an easier and more efficient way of displaying the images from related table? This is a huge problem for every Arcgis user I know.