Data Retrieval from Survey123 inbox

06-24-2020 09:32 AM
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Hello all... major problem here.

So I accidentally deleted a folder on my AGOL account. In the folder were several surveys that were created with survey123 connect. It would be really awesome if I could retrieve the raw data. All the other associated content with the survey is irrelevant. I have all folders saved locally. What I was wondering is if there is a way to retrieve the data from each individual device through the sent folder. I would imagine that data in the sent folder is stored locally and thus should be able to be retrieved. If it helps, the devices used are an apple iPad and a windows 10 computer. Any help would be much appreciated!!!


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If you still have your data in the device, with some trickery, it is possible to recover the data. Check Troubleshoot—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation  The data in your device is kept as a simple SQLLite database. You can move the data around into your desktop, tweak it and send it again with the Survey123 app to a new feature layer. 

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