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Feature Report Layout

05-26-2023 11:44 AM
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I am working on preparing a feature report for a Survey123 Connect form which is functioning. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am curious if there is a way to...

1) duplicate headers from tables to preceding pages? I have Repeat Header Rows on Word selected.

and 2) configure the format of stats:"sum,xyz" to display the hundred separators? Right now, stats:sum is summing my total up in the 12345 format instead of 12,345.

I have attached an example of the feature  report. Thanks in advance!


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Hey there!

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to answer your first question, but I do have an answer for your second.

Try adding either the method useGrouping or format in your sum statement.


${Leachate_Report_Final | stats:“sum,Meter_Total” | useGrouping:true}


${Leachate_Report_Final | stats:“sum,Meter_Total” | format:"#,##0"}

Note this should group numbers with a grouping size of three which would work for numbers in the ten (12345 --> 12,345) and hundred thousands (123456 --> 123,456), but I don't believe it will for numbers in the thousands (1234 --> 123,4). Try the useGrouping method first and see if it works for you!

 For reference:


Note that the reference page custom to your survey can be found on the Survey123 item page for your survey > Data > Report > Manage Templates > Quick Reference


Hope that helps!

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