Exif issues on some photos

09-28-2022 10:02 AM
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I have a script that has been running fine for years using ExifTool in Python. This year I keep getting failures and I think I tracked down to photos in exif version 0230. All the 0220 work fine.


If I try to edit the exif comments in windows I get an error Too much metadata.


Some of these even come off the same tablet so I am not sure why some are 0220 and some 0230.

Seems to affect Samsung as iOS does not seem to fill out the exif version field at all.

Any help appreciated I am stuck. Not finding any posts on this. 

result = et.execute(bytes(newComment), bytes(jpgFile), bytes("-overwrite_original_in_place"), bytes("-preserve"))

0 image files updated
1 files weren't updated due to errors

123 camera vs Samsung camera does not seem to matter.

Attaching a photo that fails on any Exif edit.

thanks a lot

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