Error/Bug When submitting survey embedded in a dashboard

03-09-2022 07:09 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I'm having issues with submitting an edited survey that is embedded in a dashboard. When I'm logged in to my account (the creator of the dashboard/layers) I have no problem, but when I log in with another account that the dashboard and content is shared with -- there's an issue. It's weird because when you edit and then click "submit," an error pops up on the survey, but the feature layer is still updated with the appropriate changes. So basically the survey is saying it hasn't submitted when it actually has. 

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard (all test data), on the left is the record that I was editing, which was orange before I clicked submit, but is now blue (the thing I updated before submitting changes the "status" of the feature, which subsequently changes the color via arcade in the list). 

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