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Error 1009 when attempting public edit of Survey123 feature layer via URL parameters

09-07-2023 12:58 PM
New Contributor II

I am trying to enable public edit to existing data created via Survey123, and have followed all of the instructions on the Tips and Tricks:

1. Create survey and share with public (this works)

2. Edit sharing permissions on all of the Feature Layers created as part of the survey to be Everyone, Allow Public Data collection, Enable Editing

3. Visit URL of survey as[globalId of record to edit]

4. The survey loads and the existing data is prepopulated. However when making an updating and submitting, I receive the 1009 error indicating "No permission to edit the specified feature"

I have triple checked everything and all seems to be wide open for public access and editing. 

Is this method still allowed? I cannot see any settings that would disallow this function. 

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