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10-25-2022 03:53 PM
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In the past I have used a custom URL to connect a user from Field Maps into Survey123 and pass general data from a feature service into the survey. I have always used this workflow on mobile devices with great success. 

Currently I would like to use a Web App, and the browser based survey123 to do the same thing. I have a custom URL in the popup of my web map feature service, the URL links to a survey with fields to fill in the asset ID. All the maps, data, and survey are inside ArcGIS Enterprise so I have added my enterprise portal URL to the code, but I can not get any attribute data to transfer from the Web Map to the Survey in a browser window. 

This survey is intended for general staff to fill out at their computers, while they could manually enter the asset ID into the survey I would really like to do it automatically to avoid user error and make things simple for them. 

Here is the URL I am using to call my survey, enter portal info, and unsuccessfully auto populate. I have removed some info for privacy reasons.

https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/3dbef9989635871e815c1635?portalUrl=https://maps.EXAMPLE.com/porta...?field:stop_code_reference_number ={stop_id}&field:equity_focus_area_name

If anyone has any ideas or has successfully used the URL to auto populate a survey inside enterprise feel free to give me suggestions. 



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Hi @Michael_VanHatten  The URL parameters for the Survey123 web app are different than the field app. This blog post should serve as a starting point: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-blog/survey123-tricks-of-the-trade-web-form-url/ba-p/...


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You have two ? in your URL. The format is the first URL parameter is proceeded by a ? and all follow on parameters are &. The portalURL parameter already has the ?, so the parameters that you add will only need &.

https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/3dbef9989635871e815c1635?portalUrl=https://maps.EXAMPLE.com/porta...&field:stop_code_reference_number ={stop_id}&field:equity_focus_area_name

- Jen
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