Entering Data from First Repeat into Subsequent Repeat

11-29-2022 07:33 AM
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I've got a feeling this may be a simple and short no but I'm wondering if it is possible to pull information from the first repeat and use it to populate the same field in subsequent repeats. We are having surveyors fill out survey information every 100m along a transect (1 transect per repeat in S123), however, 9/10 times the information doesn't change so it will be the same. To make surveyors life easier it would be great if they could fill out the information on the first transect and have this populate all subsequent transects (repeats) but with the option to change values if there is a change. 

I think we may have to have an initial set of questions outside of the repeat that are then automatically pulled into the repeat but it would be neater if this could all happen within the repeat itself.


I've had a go in the example below which doesn't break S123 it just doesn't do anything! I've got a feeling it's because you can't make a field reference itself so we will have to go down the collecting data outside of the repeat option.


Thanks All.

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This was just posted earlier today, take a look here to start.  https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-questions/repeated-group-return-same-value/m-p/123588...

But you cannot do what you wrote it is a loop.  Hope that helps


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