Encrypt string data in Survey123

01-04-2018 08:20 PM
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We are collecting private information using Survey123 and, due to privacy laws, need to ensure it is not stored in a readable format in locations out of our direct control. I'd like to look at encrypting the data on the mobile device before we upload and then decrypting it when the data returns back in house. The data to be encrypted would be names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. I could imagine we use a "seed" string otr value, or a simple ascii translation process. Any ideas or tips would be very welcome.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Neale

Just for your information, Survey123 stores survey data in a non-encrypted sqllite database. Photos and other multimedia files are stored outside the database, but are also non-encrypted.

At the current time we recommend the use of operating system and/or third party software/services to enforce security measures to protect the data. However we are looking to add the functionality to encrypt data within the sqllite database and enable the author of the survey for a future release. I'll add your request to the issue we have open for it.



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Has there been any progress on encrypting Survey123 responses since this was posted? I'm interested in a similar suse-case.

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