Reopen from INBOX causing loss of data for the group when editing.

03-19-2021 09:06 AM
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Question to try and understand a potential issue or cause.

Does having esri:bind:parameters  set for a GROUP row cause issues when editing a form?

We are seeing issues looking back that a number of records that are missing key data from what should have been saved initially when the form was submitted and looks as the data is being overwritten after edited from the INBOX.  

This particular forms was refactored from having a set of nested repeats to be manages in groups.

Upon closer inspection it looks like the esri:bind:parameters  allowupdates=true was not removed for the GROUP row (since it was last a repeat).  I wonder if this would be cause for a potential issue?

My understanding is that bind:param is only used for repeats but wonder if maybe forgetting to remove from the group row is causing values to be overwritten (with empty default) values when the form is reopened and edited.

I will remove the bind:parameter moving forward to see... but wondered what would be the effect of having set the bind parameters (user-error)  in a group row?   I would expect it to be ignored and not corrupt existing data either way.

.xls and graphic are attached.



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@RyanDeBruyn1The contents of esri::bind:parameters you have will be ignored if the type of question is group. Leaving or removing them should make no difference.

Data loss is not expected when editing the data. If you could reproduce the steps to show how data is lost we would love to hear. Thanks!

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Hi @IsmaelChivite , I am having a similar issue with my survey. I have a post in the S123 Question community about this - happens when my techs reopen a survey in the Outbox and we have data loss in GPS points and drop-down questions. Could you assist?

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