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Dynamic Choice List - Error with using our own feature service

09-22-2021 06:17 AM
New Contributor III

Hi! Very excited about the search() feature, however is there a trick to recognizing which hosted layers can be used? I'm trying to pull in a list of addresses from one of our layers and don't get any results. I can replicate all of the examples listed in this blog, and have no problem using the example feature services, but I must be missing something. 

In addition, I have no issues using the search() function with a linked csv. 


worksheet snip.PNG

worksheet snip 2.PNG


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi @RosemaryHatch ,

When I attempt to run a sample query with your service, I am receiving an error.  You may need to check whether the service can support query operations.

- Is there a definition query applied to the service?

- Does the data source health check in server look good?

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New Contributor III

It does support query operations (prior to using the search function I have been using pulldata and custom js to grab the lat/long from a specific point - such as using this query.)

No definition query applied.

Data source health check (I had our administrator check) says it's good.

I can open a support ticket if needed, I was just hoping there was an easy answer. Thanks!

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