Does data from Hidden Fields get included in the downloaded data?

04-22-2020 01:31 PM
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I'm wondering if I use a hidden field type, will that data show up in my downloaded data even though it doesn't show up in the form?  For example, for each of my groups, I would like to calculate a date and location field based on data entered earlier in the form to minimize data clean up when I download the data.  I would like to make those 'hidden' fields so it doesn't change the form appearance.  Does anyone know if I make those fields hidden, will that data be downloaded with each group?


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Hi Karen,

Can you please share your xlsx file you used to create the survey, so we can take a closer look and how it is configured?



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Thanks Phil,

This one has had me going in circles, but I finally figured out my problem was as simple as re-sharing, not re-publishing.  Cheers!