ArcGIS Survey123 Adding semi-structure data type (variant)

09-23-2020 12:20 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am preparing a survey and have a dropdown question about dresses. When I select a dress type, size questions open. However, as you know this is a new subcategory, but I want to see size as a variant. Is there a way that I can do this? I am wondering if ArcGIS Survey123 supports semi-structured data types such as variants.

Thank you so much.

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Hi tolga boz

Just so I understand correctly, you'd like the available dress sizes to be dependent on the selected dress type, is that right?

If so, this could be achieved in Survey123 Connect using cascading selects. For more information, please see Cascading and external selects—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation and this blog post



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Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for your answer. I have already been using cascading selects. What I really want is more about database structure. What I meant by variant is better described here. Those questions that I mentioned are already dependent.But I alsa want to store them as variants. Thanks.

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Hi Hasan,

There isn't really the concept of 'variant' as a question type in Survey123.  That being said, you could have a few different types of questions to gather the different types of questions and then use the coalesce() function in calculation question to retrieve the value actually provided.  

Take a look at Another Other in Survey123 and Making Other Work Harder in Survey123 Results to see if that technique could meet your requirements.