Display Seconds in Survey123

04-03-2022 09:50 PM
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I am wondering if anyone has found a way to display seconds in any version of survey123 (connectr or otherwise). 

Almost all of my survey team members when they do animal observations, they need to have the known time down to the second.

I was able to make a rudimentary counter with the repeat field and seconds is the only thing I am unable to show...

even with format-date() if I try to display seconds its always just :00

any help on this is greatly appreciated (ideally they do not need to input this themselves)


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From what I can see - when you use now() it definitely gives you seconds and even milliseconds:


If I do the same format-date on a dateTime field I also only get down to minute level.


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since the data is there, is there anyway to get this to display?

I feel like I have tried for both text / decimals/ memo to no avail.


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I have the same problem - need to be able to see seconds for Time question type.