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Dispel Rumor Please: Rebuild Survey after Hosting FC locally?

06-22-2021 11:16 AM
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I have been using Survey123 Connect (3.11.123) to build a survey. In test phase I have published it to my AGOL account, which creates a feature class (FC). However, the final fc with the survey data will be published and hosted locally (this involves people in other departments so I am waiting as long as I can to involve them). A colleague has done this before and told me that in order for the survey and feature class to work I will have to

1) download the feature class and add the domains - choice lists, etc. I am looking at in in ArcGIS Pro, and all of the domains are there. It doesn't seem like these would disappear when they are published..... 


2) publish it so it is locally hosted

2) recreate the survey from the hosted feature class

My colleague is adamant. Keep in mind she created the FC first and then went from there. Am I missing something? This seems counter-intuitive to redo all of the domains and have to rebuild what I already built in the same program, just because it is published not on my AGOL account. Would love some assistance on avoiding this if possible. 

Thank you kindly,

Jessica Thompson

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Hi Jessica

I have done something similar albiet the other way around.  I developed and tested in out local Portal Environment the pubished the production version to ArcGIS Online.  Now assuming you are wanting to start with a clean empty schema, you should just be able to republsih your survey to your local environment.


What I did was in Connect create a copy of the survey so that I had a separate production version, logged in to our ArcGIS online account, then simply just published that version.  As all the choice lists were part of the form structure it created a new Form and Hosted FC (with the domains) in ArcGIS online.

Cheers, Chris

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I agree with @ChrisRoberts2 

It is much easier to do do a save as of the test survey in Connect, log in to your target ArcGIS portal and publish the copy. This will create all the domains, etc.

Doing the opposite: Create a feature layer first and then build a survey on top of it, is a much more complicated workflow.