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Default values for signature field?

08-16-2023 03:43 PM
New Contributor III

I have a survey that my users are wanting the signature image to be automatically populated when they select their name from the inspector list.  I made an assortment of images to test with, but I have had zero success in even setting a static default image for the signature field.  I can place the file name in the default column as well as the media::image column and it passes the analyzer.  When opening the survey the images display correctly, but the draw box has a warning that reads "File could not be loaded (leave unchanged if already submitted and you want to preserve it)." and upon submitting the survey none of the images are saved.  I've tried every available option for the appearance column with no change in behavior.  Is setting default images even possible?  Let alone being able to have different images selected based on another question?

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Hi @AustinBachurski

AS per this post Attachments are not supported as field parameters. Please refer to below screenshot for your reference.



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