Custom locator finds no matches when using mobile app

12-13-2022 07:53 PM
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I am designing a survey in the Survey123 Web Designer that requires an address as input into the survey. 

I have included an 'Address' question type and configured it to use my organization's custom locator (GNAF_Locator) and 'Address text only' based on the information shared in this post

The locator works as expected in the web preview, but I am getting no matches for the same input using the Survey123 mobile app, which just hangs indefinitely. 

No match for Address type question (GNAF)No match for Address type question (GNAF)

I do get matches with the same input text when configured with the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service, but cannot use this option due to credit usage. 


Match (ArcGIS World Geocoding Servcie)Match (ArcGIS World Geocoding Servcie)

Oddly enough, I do get matches with a 'Map' type question using the same text with the custom locator.

Match in Map type question (GNAF)Match in Map type question (GNAF)

Note I am using the IOS Survey123 app (v3.16.107) and web designer (v3.16). 

Does anyone know what would cause this behavior?

Any help is appreciated!



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