Custom Feature Service Not Compatible

09-12-2019 10:00 AM
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Our state Emergency Management Agency is using Survey123 to gather information and synch with Juvare's WebEOC via WebEOC's ArcGIS plugin.  When updating an existing (and formerly functioning) survey, I received the message "The custom feature service is not compatible with this survey (Fields not found in the feature service: 6).

Is there a way to find out which fields are not found in the feature service?  Since the form and the existing feature service are being compared, could the status display which fields are not found?

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Hi Emily,

This indicates that there are 6 questions or notes with names that are not in the feature service.  You can compare the list of fields (via the Item Details page > Data > Fields) view with the list of questions in the XLS file.  Commonly notes, which are used to present information can cause this when they have a value in the 'name' column.  Removing the 'name' value in this case will resolve the issue.  Other questions would need to have the bind::esri:fieldType column set to null to avoid this issue, though note that those questions will not submit their answers to the feature service.