Creating a photo with a configured name and a watermark

09-07-2023 06:15 PM
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Hello all, 

This is not a question, but I wanted to let others know something I ran into while developing a survey today. When I was trying to configure the name of an image and apply a watermark to that same image I was getting the default image name showing in my test environment while in survey123 connect. I tested every which way to input it but in survey123 connect the watermark code would override the fileName code. I took a tiny leap and published the survey anyway and while it does not work in connect it does in fact work once published. Both of these parameters use the bind::esri parameters field. When I input filename= "name I picked" added a single space and then input watermark= "watermark info" it worked fine. 

ex: fileName=concat(${pole_id},"_Tag_",${dir_tag}) watermark= ${wm}

I just wanted to make anyone else aware that it might be a bug in the Survey123 connect and your code is, in fact, working! I wasn't able to find this in the Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Set the file name of photos and signatures, Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Photos or Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Photo Watermarks.

Hopefully this helps someone else. 

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