createReport via API - job stuck at pdfConverting

07-21-2021 08:03 AM
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(EDIT: I submitted this job again and it finished in under 5 seconds, so this first job below is just "stuck" somehow.  I would think it would timeout and fail at some point but it has not yet, 25 hours in).


I have been experimenting with the reporting API.  I successfully created a summary report template which runs quickly from the UI, and also have had success running it via the API.  This is a very simple summary report on 466 records (just returns record count), which produces a small pdf file (36k).

However, on a new submission via API for the same summary template, the job is stuck at "pdfConverting" and has been now for 45 min. I have not submitted another job, just checking to see if this is common, or perhaps just have a stuck job that I should leave alone. Doesn't seem to be any reasonable timeout, shouldn't this just fail at some point?  

You can see below that this job started at 10:12 am (EDT), it is now 11:00 am (EDT).

I welcome any thoughts.

Tom S.



"jobId": "9d32e8f7aab848838c6a5dafe5876273",
"jobStatus": "esriJobExecuting",
"jobStatusInfo": {
"detailedStatus": "pdfConverting",
"startTime": 1626876778114,
"progress": 0
"submitted": 1626876773217,
"resultInfo": {
"title": "testreport",
"totalCount": 466
"inputInfo": {
"jobType": "createReport",
"parameters": {
"featureLayerUrl": "<name>/FeatureServer/0",
"queryParameters": {
"where": "Vetted = 1"
"templateItemId": "e4e4........",
"surveyItemId": "053acb2.........",
"outputFormat": "pdf",
"outputReportName": "testreport"
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Esri Contributor

Thanks Tom for reaching out to the team earlier, as I explained in the email, we do have a mechanism to raise errors for jobs over 24 hours, but apparently it didn’t work as expected and we will further investigate this issue.


Thanks again,

Jody Zheng Liu

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