Dynamically Label SVG image via SVG Paths

07-23-2021 10:19 AM
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I've got an oddball question that I'd like to throw out there. I have a client who would like to add a static image to each new survey and overlay data on top of it. The idea would be to generate a not-to-scale map image within the survey itself for the field worker to reference as they're completing their survey. I'm thinking of something akin to adding dynamic text to a map layout.

I've been experimenting with SVG images in Survey123 and I'm very familiar with using the "URL pop-up scheme" to generate a Survey by clicking a feature in a map and using the data in that feature's pop-up to preload a Survey with data. Is there a way to use this method to point data at paths in the SVG file and have it display in the Survey?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.



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Hmmm, I'm not sure I fully understand what you're trying to achieve here. Think of the 'image-map' appearance in Survey123 as just a different way to display a choice list, then perhaps this is possible. Try setting up your survey to pre-populate a value (select_one or select_multiple) from the pop-up of a given feature. Once you get this working as you'd like, add the SVG image and 'image-map' appearance. Then the SVG image will be displayed with the existing data values highlighted (as configured in the SVG <path> elements).


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