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Copy select fields on 'Copy Sent Data to New Survey'

06-06-2023 06:49 AM
New Contributor III

Hi there, I am looking to limit what fields can be copied when copying sent data to new survey.

Is there a way to limit what fields are copied when the 'Copy Sent Data to New Survey' action is performed?

I have a few repeat tables on a survey that I do not want to be copied. 


Thanks, Sam

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @SamuelSchneider

It is not possible to specify what questions are brought over when copying to a new survey. When a survey is copied to a new survey an identical replica of the old record is created (with the exception of attachments/files). The best way to set per question values is to save a record as favorite and each time the favorite is pasted those values will be present. 

Thank you,
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