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04-09-2021 05:34 AM
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I am trying to convert some Microsoft Word forms to Survey123. One of these forms (attached) is very customized with background graphics and other images. I was able to recreate the questions easily in the Survey123 webapp, but not the exact layout and look of it.

I then created a feature report since those templates use Microsoft Word and I was able to produce the exact look and feel there.

My question is how would I go about combining the reporting and the report? The MS Word form they use now is both the form and the report. Once they fill it out, it's complete and they email it and post it to website for all to see manually. There is no need to go into another webpage / system to bring up the report.

I'm trying my best to convert our old MS Word and PDF forms to Survey123 so that we can start building dashboards and the like but it's resulting in a more time consuming process on the user end to complete the forms and THEN open a feature report (that also costs credits). Does anyone have any general pointers for this?


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You could automate the workflow by using webhooks to generate the report once the survey is submitted and then have it emailed.

These links you should find helpful:



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Hi. It is not going to be possible to create a literal translation of your Ms Word into a form people can use to collect data. That same look and feel of your form, cannot be translated into a Survey123 form.  If you really need the form for your reports to be exactly the same as the form to be completed by users, the easiest is to use a Ms Word or PDF form.

As @AndrewBowne indicates, you can automate the report creation so every time a form is completed, the report is emailed but this whole thing may be overkill. Survey123 brings some advantages such as:

  • You can complete the form from a mobile device and browser
  • You can capture locations and map your form data
  • You can build real time dashboards
  • You can build logic to do data validation before data is sent and autocalculate values

But in your case it may not be worth moving away from your Ms Word if what really matters is to be able to use the form you use to enter data as a report mechanism.