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06-30-2020 02:00 PM
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I have an question on controlling Cascade Select option.

There are around 10,000 Plots to be surveyed in the respective villages in the reality.

Approx. 30 Surveyors would be working using Survey123 App. Every Surveyor will be assigned manually some set of villages and respective plots for surveying.

In each Village, around 100 to 150 plots are available to survey. There is a higher chances of getting the data repeated for the same Plot multiple times by same surveyor or others as the Survey123 App is same for everyone.

Is there any way to control the Plot Number not to be available in the Plot Drop down , if Plot number is already surveyed and submitted back to feature service.

Or, is there any workaround to avoid this plot number at the Survey123 Field App or any other approach for this kind of survey.

Attached Sample XLSForm for ref.

Appreciate your early response.



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Hi Ramprasad,

There is no easy way to do this out of the box with cascading selects, as we can not query or see what data has already been collected in other surveys either on the same device, or from the feature layer. Have you considered using a custom JavaScript function to query the feature layer to see if another user has already submitted a feature for that that plot? If the plot number has already been used you could pop-up a warning note or make questions not-relevant and form not able to be submitted.

You can find out more information about custom JS functions here, which are now fully supported with the 3.10 release:



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