How do I get a note or default text to show up on my printed Survey123 Survey?

06-25-2020 08:43 AM
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I have a hydrant usage survey for contractors that need to pull water to do work such as road stabilization. We install a back flow device and meter so they can safely take water and pay for the gallons used. The data in my survey includes meter #, initial meter reading, pictures of the devices installed, user information, and signatures. We fill out part of the form with the initial information, have the user sign and agree to the terms, then when the project is finished we fill out the final meter reading and bill them for the usage. We send a copy of the survey with all the information to the user along with the bill. My problem is that my survey contains information regarding my company contact information as well as billing rates for the user and I don't have a way for that information to show up on the printed survey. The information shows up on the iPad as well as in the data table on The information only disappears when I look at the print preview. I've tried having a read-only text question with a default answer with the information as well as creating a Note with the information. Both instances generate the information on the form but won't transfer it to the print preview. Is there a way to add text to a survey that isn't part of a question and not a Hint or Note?

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Hi Orrin Babcock

Appreciate this query is going back a while - were you able to resolve your issue?

Just to double-check, are you creating feature reports from the Survey123 website Data page, or printing from the form view panel on the right of the Data page?

Note questions can be shown in a feature report in the same way as any other question type. That said, from the XLSForm you provided it looks like the information you're trying to add to the report is the same for every survey. In that case, you could just add the text to the feature report .docx template itself.

Note questions and read-only text questions do not appear in the form view panel.



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