Coding help on a slider bar / likert scale

11-08-2017 11:39 AM
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Awlright.  This is going to be a longer post.  I'm putting together a survey for the National Weather Service to replace their Damage Assessment Tool (DAT) which still feeds to a flex viewer.   For the most part the survey is complete - it has every question the DAT had as well as new questions for additional hazard types i.e. flooding.  The ONE thing I cannot transfer over from the DAT is the custom selection slider bar that lets them pick the estimated wind speed based on input for two other variables - a damage indicator and subsequent description of damages .  Based on the combination of these two variables an estimated wind speed range is calculated that could have caused the damages. In the DAT, this specific range spread populated the beginning and end points of a slider bar which the person completing the survey could then click and slide to a specific wind speed they thought was responsible for damages.  I don't know how to replicate this within XLS forms and Survey123.

As the survey is, I've done a cascading select to allow them to select one of their 28 damage indicators.  They are then allowed to select a corresponding description of damages. The following three values are reflective of a CSV pull.  The lower bound of wind speeds that could have caused the damages, the expected value, and the upper bound.  The user is then prompted to select the EF scale of the tornado and then they are prompted to manually enter the wind speed they think caused the damages.  

Every component of the DAT is within the Survey123 survey.  However, instead of the slider bar they manually enter the wind speed.  They want the slider bar and within Survey123 that is not available (yet?).  Would it be possible to somehow code a likert scale question so they can select a value within a custom wind speed range (that changes based on 28 damage indicators and roughly 10 description of damages per indicator...)??? 

They really want their slider bar but I don't know how to give it to them.  Any input or other suggestions?  I'd really appreciate the help!! This slider bar is going to be the bane of my mapping existence.

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Hi @acquintana,

The range question type is now fully supported, no longer a beta feature. Therefore you can find the documentation in the official online documentation, not the Early Adopter documentation. Please refer to:



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