Utilize constraints to verify all potential responses from select_one question are used in repeats

04-17-2021 09:05 PM
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I have a rounds survey for my operators and due to the nature of our work we have multiple pieces of equipment per room. By using cascading selects I am able to filter my list of equipment to show only when certain rooms are selected in a previous survey question per repeat section. We are using barcodes to fill in the equipment tag but my concern is that if they forget to scan a piece of equipment there is nothing to remind them of any that they missed. 

For example is room A has 3 pieces of equipment that show up as options in a "select_one" question. If they only scan 2 pieces of equipment in that repeat section and move on how can use constraints to remind them that something is still missing?


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Hi @RolihFerdinand,

Do you know how many pieces of equipment are in each room, is it always the same?

If so, you could load that data into a CSV and then use a pulldata() calculation to retrieve that number once the room in the select_one question is selected. You could then do a count of the repeat fields into a text field, and use a constraint on that text field to make it match the number retrieved from pulldata().



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