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06-09-2021 08:42 AM
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Hello everyone,

I'm working on a very complex form of many questions, and I'm trying to make the survey filling out more friendly.

I have a select_one question in a repeat, which contains many options. Each option can be checked only once, therefore it would be very useful, if the option marked in the record one, disappears from the list in record two of the repeat, in this way the list is reduced with each record.

I have tried some ideas, but still without success, the closest thing to a solution at the moment, is to use many questions select_one, which appear with each record of the repeat, but being so many options is not practical.

any idea is welcome, thank you very much.

Jeffry J,

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No there is not a way right now.



Best you can do is check for the same option being picked twice.  See here

Also if they must fill out all options I setup a repeat that does a pulldata to get the value using position.  My CSV is a lookup.  For example 1:A, 2:B, 3:C so as they go through the repeats A, B, C is picked for them.

Hope that helps

Hope that helps.

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