Pre-populating questions in Survey123 form using attribute values from a field in a feature class with coded value domains defined?

06-08-2021 02:59 PM
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I'm running into issues trying to pre-populate questions in a survey123 form using values from attribute fields with domains set up via a custom URL hyperlinked in that feature class's pop-up window: 


I'm able to successfully pre-populate questions in the survey for any field that doesn't have a coded-value domain and/or choice filters associated with them, which leads me to believe that either the coded-value domain or choice filter for the question is interfering with pre-populating using the custom URL above. 

Anybody have advice on how to pre-populate the answers to questions using a value from a field in your feature class that has domains defined? 



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Can you clarify: is the intended outcome that the domain codes end up in the survey, or the domain labels? And of the fields listed in your example, which is the one with the domain? Do you have both choice filters on the survey and a domain in place?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Intended outcome is that the domain codes end up in the survey. All fields have coded-value domains except siteID/OBJECTID. And yes, both choice filters on the survey and domains in the feature class that the survey corresponds with. Choice filter names are identical to the coded values in the feature class's domains and all field names in the survey are identical to the field name in that feature class. 

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I think I have done it.  Try passing it to a Note field and see is there is a value mismatch going on.  Often for these I have the domain in the Collector service but no list in 123 since it just passes in anyway.

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