Changed survey ID - permanent URL?

07-20-2021 11:37 PM
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We have many surveys and are concerned about the situation where the item ID of a survey may change. A typical Survey123 URL includes a survey ID, and in our case, a portal address, since we host our own surveys. To further complicate things, we use QR code labels on assets. The QR code encodes the survey URL including the survey item ID and our portal address. It also uses URL parameters to pre-populate some fields on the survey form. Obviously, if the item ID of a survey was to change, we do not want to go and change all the labels on assets.

So, is it possible to somehow have a permanent URL to a survey and, ideally, have a shortened URL as well (our fill URL gets quite long once we populate parameters)? I know that some URL shortener services purport to do this, but we would rather not involve another 3rd party service to achieve this. Any suggestions or solutions would be welcomed. 

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One idea is a URL redirect.  If you own you could create a DNS entry like and have the direct to the URL with the itemid in it (which can then be changed if needed).  I am worried about the parameters but it looks like there are ways to keep the URL parameters.  

Not a DNS expert but it is an idea.

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