Survey from Related Table Integrated with Workforce

04-01-2021 03:47 AM
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I have point features with ID numbers, a related table used to inspect the points, and a relationship between the two - built off the ID number.  I've attempted to create a survey that could be integrated with Workforce, but have been unsuccessful. 

My plan was to create a survey from the related table of my feature.  I'd then create an assignment in Workforce, enter the ID # of the feature to be inspected in the assignment's ID field, and have Workforce pass that number to Survey123 when the field user selected "Survey at Assignment" so that it would be related to the point.

I was unable to do this, however, as it appears Workforce's ID field is text, and my ID # field was a numeric field; so, I revised my dataset and made the ID field in both the point feature and table a text field, then rebuilt the relationship.  While this then made the ID field an option when configuring the Survey123 app integration in Workforce, based on the list of attributes that were selectable it appeared Workforce was going to pass it's ID number to the point feature, and not the table (even though my survey was built against the table only).

My guess is, if I build a survey that has the point feature attributes and a repeat section with the related table attributes, it would add a point and a related table record any time a survey was submitted, correct?  As a longshot, I attempted this, but Survey123 gave me an error that basically said it couldn't work with a relationship built off a text field.

Any ideas how to achieve what I'm trying to, or is it not possible?

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hi @JasonCyphers 

I am replying just because I have (exactly) your issue.

since you post wasn't noticed, let's see if my reply moves the post on the top of the list.


BTW, have you ever solved this?


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