Repeat issues for different members of large households

05-28-2021 07:37 AM
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we hare experiencing a problem when a member of a large household does not consent the survey is then blocked for the following members. See examples below:

  1. There are 4 people living in an household. The surveyor has finished interviewing 2 members of the HH. The third member hasn’t consented to survey, thus “No” option has been chosen for “b.2 Informed Consent Received” question. Even though, the surveyor should be able to move to the next / last / fourth member, the system doesn’t allow him to move due to an error occurred in “b.1 Interview start time”. Although interview start time is automatically filled, the survey shows that the problem is with this section and it cannot be fixed by changing time manually.
  2. Following scenario, which caused a failure on separate devices (I would think it’s related to the failure scenario above):
    • HH with 4 members;
    • Filling in for the 1st member and moving to the 2nd
    • 2nd member does not give informed consent
    • Saving in draft
    • Opening draft
    • Filling in for the 3rd member
    • Time for the 3rd member not entering and / or questions don’t appear

Attached a video and the xls form.

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The behavior you're seeing appears to be caused by a bug that causes a repeat set by a repeat count to not set question values when editing the form from drafts. I've added this case to our repo so it can be addressed.

In the meantime, you should be able to edit the time field from the inbox or sent box.

Alternatively, you could remove the repeat count from the repeat and allow the user to manually add the repeat for each household member. This option isn't as ideal as your current configuration, but it's an option if you need to be able to edit repeats from the drafts folder.


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